Thailand — Flow Monitoring Surveys: Insights into the Profiles and Vulnerabilities of Myanmar Migrants to Thailand Round 2 (December 2018)

10 Jan 2019 Thailand Round 2 Download

From mid-August until mid-October 2018, IOM Thailand conducted a second round of data collection in the districts of Mae Sot and Phop Phra in Tak Province, Thailand. A total of 3,233 Myanmar nationals were surveyed, of whom 3,013 were identified as migrant workers. The 3,013 migrant workers fell into two different migrant groups. The first group was comprised of incoming migrants, arriving in Thailand prior to starting employment and the second group of outgoing migrants, returning after their employment ended. The findings of this second round of data collection help to confirm migration patterns identified in the first report published, as well as common challenges and vulnerabilities, and can be used to better direct policy and programming for the protection and assistance of migrant workers.


DTM Thailand,