Thailand — COVID-19-Related Vulnerabilities And Perceptions Of Non-Thai Populations in Thailand, Round 3 (November 2020)

08 Jan 2021 Thailand Download

IOM's Displacement Tracking Matrix used snowball sampling method through 75 key informants who provide information on the situation and vulnerability of migrants and non-Thai citizens residing in Thailand. Key informants include representatives from non-profit groups (NGOs), community organizations (CBOs), communities, migrant groups, government agencies, local government organizations, educational institutions and religious organizations. The data were obtained from telephone interviews between 2-12 October 2020.

A note that the results of this survey are from interviews with key informants. It was not a direct interview with non-Thai citizens. Therefore, the infographic presented in this report represents the percentage of key informants who identify the qualifications and characteristics of the non-Thai population or the proportion of the non-Thai population.


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