Sudan - Rainy Season Summary (May-October) (Update 009)




DTM Sudan;
Snapshot Date
Oct 20 2022
  • Event Tracking

The Rainy Season in Sudan typically occurs on an annual basis with greatest concentration between the months of June and September. In 2021, all flooding EETs were implemented between the month of July and October. In 2022, DTM Sudan first implemented its EET to monitor flooding taking place in At Tadamon locality, South Kordofan in May. The need for the implementation of a flooding EET this early in the year reflects the fluctuating raining patterns across Sudan, particularly across the water basins of the two Nile rivers, as well as climate change acceleration around the world.The information provided reflects published data collected by DTM Sudan’s Emergency Event Tracking (EET) tool up to 20 October 2022.

The last flash alert released as a result of the Rainy Season reported on flooding in Kadugli Town in Kadugli locality, South Kordofan on 8 and 9 October 2021. As the rainy season reaches its end, field teams have not released any EET reports following individuals displaced due to flooding during October 2022. Given that the IDP caseload has remained constant, this will be DTM Sudan’s final weekly floods summary this year. DTM field teams will continue to monitor displaced caseload across Sudan and update the humanitarian community should the need arise.