Sudan - Context Monitoring (Kassala & Gedaref) (October 2021)

04 Oct 2021 Sudan Download

Context Monitoring is a participatory exercise, conducted at the locality level in collaboration with national authorities, partner organisations, and local stakeholders to take stock of the available information and expertise of and within locations where there is high population movement. This includes transit point mapping to identify key areas where various movement patterns occur. The first DTM Sudan Context Monitoring mission visited the eastern states of Kassala and Gedaref in March 2021.

Context monitoring utilises a global DTM Mobility Area Assessment form to collect information on target populations. This is followed by the conduct of a literature review and an analysis of the overarching mobility dynamics - including profiles of mobile groups and the reasons for their movement. The findings of this exercise are used to inform the production of DTM Sudan’s other active methodological components.


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