Sudan — Registration And Flow Monitoring Quarterly Overview (January - March 2020)

30 Jun 2020 Sudan Download

From January to March 2020, IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) conducted 52,631 registrations across four states in Sudan – 16,542 (31%) of which were internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 36,089 (69%) returnees. South Kordofan hosted the largest proportion of IDPs, with a total registered population count of 11,223 individuals. The highest caseload of returnees – consisting of 31,102 individuals – were registered in East Jebel Marra, South Darfur. This higher proportion of registered returns is consistent with displacement trends observed throughout the previous year. Through its flow monitoring component, DTM also registered 2,358 South Sudanese having entered Sudan via Abyei between January and March 2020. There were no reports of flood-related displacement over this period. DTM registration of households affected by floods will commence during the rainy season in the second quarter of the year.