Sudan — Monthly Report (June 2018)

26 Jul 2018 Sudan Round 2 Download

A total of 180,175 beneficiaries registered/ verified/ tracked since the beginning of 2018, of which 129,162 (17,183 IDPs and 111,979 returnees) were properly registered, while the remaining 51,099 individuals were tracked in different locations. Out of the tracked beneficiaries, 9,355 were South Sudanese who crossed the border to Sudan through Abyie, 39,839 were returnees (26,474 returned to Sudan from Saudi Arabia and 13,365 returned to different areas in North Darfur State) and 1,905 were IDPs in South Kordofan State. During the month of June, 12,015 beneficiaries were registered/ verified/ tracked, of which 5,916 were properly registered/ verified and 6,135 individuals were tracked. DTM teams managed to register most of the tracked population.


DTM Sudan,