Sudan — Ethiopian and Somali Migrants in Transit: A Snapshot Report (April 2018)

01 Nov 2017 Sudan Download

This snapshot only focuses on Somali and Ethiopian migrants in transit, more precisely in Sudan. Different field locations for data collection activities were chosen and Sudan was selected as one of the transit countries. Sudan was chosen as case study under this project because of its geographical and strategic significance in the context of migration journeys from Ethiopia and Somalia towards Europe. Significant numbers of migrants from the Horn of Africa (in particular from Ethiopia and Somalia) travelling by land are known to travel through Sudan as a transit country. Available estimates of the numbers of Ethiopians going to Sudan each year range from 18,000 up to 100,000. A total of 1,197 interviews with migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia were conducted in Sudan between late November 2017 and the end of December 2017. Data was collected in the area of Khartoum, Sudan.The sample size consisted of 403 Somali and 794 Ethiopian migrants who had recently migrated from their home countries and were, at the time of data collection, passing through Sudan to reach their intended destination country in Europe.


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