Sudan — Emergency Event Tracking Report Sharg Aj Jabal, South Darfur 002




DTM Sudan;
Snapshot Date
Mar 22 2021
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Event Tracking

DTM teams initially activated Emergency Event Tracking (EET) in October 2020 to monitor the displacement of individuals affected by ongoing conflict between rebel factions of the Sudan Liberation Army – Abdel Wahid (SLA-AW) in Sharg Aj Jabal (East Jabal Marrah), South Darfur. Tensions first escalated following the non-signature of the SLA-AW to the latest peace agreement in Juba, South Sudan, on 3 October 2020. Subsequently, inter-communal conflict between Fur and Arab tribes erupted on 24 January 2021 across numerous Fur villages located in Sharg Aj Jabal, causing many households to flee the area into North Darfur. On 25 January, armed attacks in the villages of Faluja, Kebe, Rugla and Mara resulted in largescale displacement towards the mountainous regions of Sharg Aj Jabal (inaccessible at the time). 

On 17 March 2021, DTM teams gained access to affected populations previously inaccessible due to the security situation. The second EET update captures a total number of 35,242 individuals (7,056 households) seeking shelter in host community accommodation and gathering in open areas across Keila, Kidingeer, Mershing and Otash internally displaced person (IDP) camps, as well as Leiba and Deribat village. Since the first EET, there has been an increase of 30,712 individuals (almost 700%) with newly displaced households arriving from the mountainous regions of Sharg Aj Jabal and numerous villages nearby. An additional caseload of 111 IDP individuals have since arrived in Otash IDP camp, displaced from Rakona village. At least 2,688 individuals (8% of the captured caseload) report additional vulnerabilities in need of assistance and support. There have been no reported deaths, injuries or personal belongings and livestock lost since the previous update.