Sudan — El Khuwei, West Kordofan State Mission Report (July 2017)

01 Aug 2017 Sudan Download

1,270 South Sudanese were reported to be living in 7 areas of El Khuwei locality namely: El Khuwei town (570 individuals), Um Lobana (340 individuals), Nasharbo (165individuals), Morkab (70 individuals), Um Awesha (35 individuals), Al Dodia (70 individuals) and Megasem Al Tahir (20 individuals). Out of the 1,270 reported caseload, the DTM team identified 491 individuals. Some of them are living in designated South Sudanese gathering sites, while others were identified in farms where they work as daily workers. In addition, 182 individuals were reported to work in farms located in very remote areas that the DTM team could not reach to confirm and register them.


DTM Sudan,