Sudan — Displacement Dashboard (January — June 2017)

25 Jul 2017 Sudan Download

A total of 307,435 individuals were registered in Sudan during the period between January and June, 2017. 51% were registered in Central Darfur State (all the caseload registered in Jabal Mara, of which 65% were returnees and 35% were IDPs displaced in 2016). 18% registered in North Darfur (64% were IDPs, mostly old IDPs caseload in Tawilla, 29% were returnees in different locations while 7% were people affected by the fire incident in Korma), 11% were refugees in West Kordofan State, 10% in South Kordofan (96% were refugees and 4% were IDPs), while the remaining 2% were in South Darfur State (97% were returnees and the remaining caseload were IDPs).


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