Spain — Flow Monitoring Surveys Top 5 nationalities interviewed in 2019




DTM Mediterranean,
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Jul 01 2019
Sep 30 2019
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This report is based on the Flow Monitoring Surveys carried out by IOM field staff in Spain between July and September 2019. A total 994 interviews were collected in 36 different locations in Madrid, Andalucía, Melilla and Ceuta to provide an insight of the profile of migrants and refugees who had arrived
in the country. This report provides analysis of migrants’ demographic profile, transit routes, reasons for leaving countries of origin or habitual residence, and their future travel intentions. Specifically, it focuses on the comparison between top five nationalities surveyed in Spain.
The five nationalities include respondents from Côte d’Ivoire (194 individuals), Guinea (155), Mali (145), Algeria (118) and Morocco (113). These five nationalities constitute 73 per cent of all respondents. The remaining 23 per cent were individuals of 30 different nationalities (including nationals of Senegal, Tunisia, Yemen, Cameroon, Mauritania, Nigeria and Bangladesh). The selected sample of the top five nationality groups consists of 725 interviews. The top five nationality groups in the sample are also among the top nationalities of arrivals by sea registered by the Spanish authorities between July and September 2019. Morocco was the first country of origin of arrivals by sea in 2019 (32%), followed by Algeria (20%), Côte d’Ivoire (7%), Guinea (5%) and Mali (5%).


Flow Monitoring Survey (FMS) is one of the components implemented under DTM portfolio in Europe. Aside from the primary data collection through direct interviews, it includes also collation of statistical information products, based on secondary data revision. Compilation of available data and information is released on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, together with a comprehensive dataset. All reports, together with the latest data on arrivals from national authorities and IOM country offices, can be accessed via DTM´s Flow Monitoring Europe Geoportal.