South Sudan — Intentions and Needs Survey – Wiechjol Payam, Akobo County (September 2017)

16 Nov 2017 South Sudan Download

DTM conducted an intention and a multi-sectorial needs survey in Wiechjol (Jonglei State) to create a prole of the displaced population. Focus group discussions and individual surveys showed that IDPs within the host community at locations up to four hours walk from the centre of Wiechjol; There are no health facilities at all six IDPs sites (the closest functioning health facility is located 11 hours away on foot in Lankien); There are boreholes at four out of six of the assessed IDPs sites (no boreholes in Donykhan and Pangaw); Stagnant water is used for drinking, cooking and washing; and Wiechjol is the only village with a functioning school, which is up to four hours away from the other five locations.


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