South Sudan — Event Tracking: Yirol East Flooding (September 2020)

09 Oct 2020 South Sudan English Download

DTM focal points conducted emergency Event Tracking assessments in Adior and Malek payams of Yirol East County on 6 September 2020, to collect information on locations of displacement, urgent needs and demographic profiles of households displaced as a result of flooding. Reports confirmed that 8,294 individuals (1,821 households) were displaced to seven locations (Adior Centre, Pacholm Kuc, Madol, Lang, Thian and Wuitit) in Adior and Malek payams of Yirol East, Lakes State.

The displaced are said to have found refuge among the host community in their various locations of displacement. Humanitarian agencies are urged to provide assistance by the local community. Health, sanitation, shelter and NFIs are among the most urgent needs identified.


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