South Sudan — COVID-19 Mobility Update 11 (1-14 June 2020)

29 Jun 2020 South Sudan English Download
DTM tracked 75 locations including 19 displacement sites and 56 transportation hubs within the country and along international borders to report on COVID-19 related measures such as temperature screening and the availability of handwashing stations.
Of 19 displacement sites all were subjected to some form of risk communications, 17 (89%) made additional handwashing stations available and 3 (16%) screened temperatures at the gates. The movement of persons was stopped at a third of tracked in-country and border transit locations (18 locations of 32%). However, movement continued unhindered at 24 points (43%) with reports of alternative nearby routes being used at 8 (14%) and local movement by cross-border communities being tolerated at a further 6 locations (11%). Temperature screening was practiced at 10 locations (18%) while risk communication was made available at over half of tracked transit areas (33 locations or 59%). While handwashing stations had been constructed at 24 locations (43%), these were not put to use by travellers in all hubs.


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