South Sudan — Bentiu PoC Site Population Count (December 2020)

12 Feb 2021 South Sudan English Download

The Bentiu Protection of Civilian (PoC) site was established in December 2013. As of December 2020, 131,071 individuals (30,943 households) are biometrically registered as active beneficiaries in the site representing a decrease by 5,379 individuals since beginning of January 2020 due to either beneficiaries relocating out of the PoC or deactivation of households that did not show up for general food distribution 3 consecutive times. 

Recognizing that there have been significant population changes since the last overall biometric registration / verification, IOM DTM conducts regular population counts to monitor population dynamics and displacement trends showing that the actual number of persons currently living at Bentiu PoC site remains lower than the registered total. As per December 2020 population count findings, Bentiu PoC site's population stands at 95,980 individuals (14,934 households) in 11,881 inhabited shelters (on average 8 individuals per shelter).


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