Somalia — Displacement Situation Report Somaliland (November 2017)

08 Jan 2018 Somalia English Download

Over the past few years, Somaliland districts have become host to households and individuals that have been displaced as a result of conflict, insecurity or drought from all over Somaliland. Hargeysa, Laas Caanood and Borama has the highest number of IDPs, and Stadium site is the largest site in terms of population with over 34,000 IDPs, followed by Statehouse and Erigavo with over 25,000 IDPs each. DTM rolled out the Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) in Hargeysa, Zeylac and Borama districts in May 2017 scaled up to the rest of Somaliland’s 19 districts by October 2017. Between 18 August and 18 September 2017, 1,004,400​ were recorded in 595 IDP sites. Most (77%) of these sites were host communities.


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