Somalia — Border Point Flow Monitoring — (August 2021)

27 Sep 2021 Somalia Download

In August 2021, a total of 24,008 movements were observed at 7 Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs). This represents an increase of 56 per cent in comparison with August 2020 (4 months after the country’s first case of COVID-19) when 15,348 movements were observed.

Doolow, Cabudwaaq, Bossaso, Buuhoodle and Dhobley FMPs recorded an increase in movements between these two periods (242%, 69%, 34%, 12% and 6%, respectively), while Lowyacado and Harirad FMPs recorded a decrease in movement (-16% and -6%, respectively). Cabudwaaq, Doolow, Buuhoodle and Lowycado FMPs recorded the highest numbers of incoming flows (28%, 24%, 14% and 13% of all incoming flows, respectively), additionally Doolow, Dhobley and Buuhoodle recorded the highest numbers of outgoing flows (44%, 32% and 11% of all outgoing flows, respectively).


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