Slovakia — Surveys with Refugees from Ukraine: Needs, Intentions, and Integration Challenges (April-June 2023)




DTM Europe,
Period Covered
Apr 01 2023
Jun 30 2023
  • Survey
  • Return Intention

This report is based on a survey of displacement patterns, needs and intentions conducted by IOM's Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in 11 countries included in the Regional Response Plan for Ukraine in 2023: 6 countries neighbouring Ukraine — Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania and Slovakia — and 5 other countries particularly impacted by the arrivals of refugees from Ukraine since the start of the war in February 2022 — Bulgaria, Czechia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

Slovakia — Key Findings: 

  • Top oblasts of origin: Kharkivska (16%), Zakarpatska (14%), Donetska oblast (11%) and Kyiv city (12%)
  • Intention to move: 79% have no intention to move, 5% want to move to a different country (Top 3 destinations were: Germany, Ireland, Canada), 5% would like to return to their region of origin in Ukraine. 
  • Education level: 53% completed tertiary, 3% post-secondary and 33% upper secondary education. 
  • Employment status: 32% employed and 29% unemployed respondents (6% of the unemployed were not looking for a job). The rest were retired, students, or persons on maternity or paternity leave. 
  • Immediate needs: Health services (50%), financial support (48%), medicine (45%), language courses (34%), education for adults (31%).*
  • Inclusion challenges: Financial issues (45%), language barriers (26%), access to services (26%).*

    *Multiple answers possible.