Slovakia — Displacement Surveys with Refugees from Ukraine and TCNs, Round #02 (09 March - 21 April 2022)




DTM Mediterranean,
Period Covered
Mar 09 2022
Apr 21 2022
  • Survey
  • Flow Monitoring Survey

Since 24 February 2022, an increasing number of refugees and third-country nationals (TCNs) entering Slovakia has been registered as a result of the war in Ukraine. As of 01 May 2022, Slovak authorities have reported 384, 897 arrivals from Ukraine out of whom 355, 322 were Ukrainian refugees and 13, 308 third-country nationals (TCNs).

This report is based on a displacement patterns, needs and intentions survey launched by IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM). All surveys were conducted face-to-face by IOM Slovakia trained enumerators with Ukrainian refugees and TCNs fleeing Ukraine. This report presents a short analysis based on 481 surveys collected between 9 March and 21 April 2022.

Between 9 March and 21 April 2022, IOM conducted 481 displacement patterns, needs and intentions interviews with Ukrainian refugees and TCNs at 2 Border Crossing Points (BSPs) at Vyšné Německé, Ub'la, the Michalovce Registration Centre, Gabčíkovo Reception Centre and Červená Hvězda Hotspot in Košice