Poland — Integration Snaptshot (December 2023)




Period Covered
Sep 01 2023
Nov 30 2023
  • Survey

In March of 2023, IOM Poland launched its Integration Survey to assess the progress and needs relating to labour and social integration of refugees from Ukraine in Poland.

The aim of the assessment is to gain an understanding of the employment situations, housing needs, financial resilience, social cohesion, barriers to accessing services, and short-medium term needs of refugees. In the 1 September - 30 November 2023 period, a total of 1,232 surveys were conducted.

This report provides a snapshot of the social integration of Ukrainian refugees in Poland for the period of September through November of 2023, as well as an overview of key trends based on data collected from March 2023 through November (page 2).

Key Findings

  • The length of time spent in Poland is a significant determinant of the level of social integration of respondents. Those who had lived in Poland for more than 12 months at the time of interview had a higher average social integration score* (0.32) compared to those who had lived in Poland for less than 12 months (0. 23).
  • The level of social integration reduced consistently as the age of respondents increased, with those 18–24 years old having a much higher average score (0.40), and those over 65 having a lower average score (0.24).
  • Students, business owners, and those employed full-time had the highest levels of social integration (>0.39), as compared to those who were retired, unemployed, or carried out family responsibilities, who had the lowest scores (<0.22).