Philippines — Typhoon Haiyan Displacement Report (17 February 2014)

17 Feb 2014 Philippines Round 4 Download

There are a total of 56 displacement sites covered by this report which is an increase of 9 % from the previous report. This is due to a 100 percent increase in transitional sites which increased from 15 to 30 sites; thus comprising 53% of all displacement sites. This will increase further in the coming weeks because there are at least 18 bunkhouse sites that have not yet opened. There are 3890 families in the 56 displacement sites with a total of 17,099 individuals. There are a total of 149 women who are pregnant and 411 who are breastfeeding. Also out of this population, there are 69 persons with disabilities, and 27 identified with chronic illnesses. Out of 3890 families, 250 are single headed families. In terms of site management, all sites are covered by the DSWD or the LGU. There are 50 sites or 89% who have site management committees and 49 sites or 87 % say they have IDPs in the site management committees. Only 66% (37 sites) have safe on-site cooking counters in locations not near the living spaces of the IDPs. 79% (44 sites) are considered vulnerable to natural hazards i.e. located less than 40 meters from the sea, located in low lying areas, or located in landslide prone areas. Only 20 sites or 36% have on-site electricity.


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