Philippines — Marawi Crisis Report 11 (15 November 2017)

17 Nov 2017 Philippines Round 11 Download

The declaration of Marawi’s liberation from armed groups that took control of the city, has opened it back to residents. Beginning last 29 October 2017, residents from periphery barangays have begun to return, starting with nine barangays cleared by the military for unexploded ordnance. With the ongoing return program of the Philippine government, many residents have expressed their desire to go back home, as they await their turn for their respective barangays to be cleared. From the 45 evacuation centers covered by IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), 387 families have already returned to their barangays. With a surge of IDPs wanting to return, issues on their return have cropped up. Many of the concerns have to do with the packages IDPs are supposed to receive upon their return to assist them in the process of rebuilding. Issues were reported by camp managers who were monitoring the return of IDPs from their respective sites. Some IDPs have not received food packs which are supposed to provide sustenance for returnees who have yet to have food security. Cash assistance is also needed by many IDPs who have returned but do not have work or any form of livelihood. This is especially important for those who have to start from scratch and returning to homes that are empty.


IOM Philippines,