Papua New Guinea — Internal Displacement Report 1 (October 2016)

31 Oct 2016 Papua New Guinea Round 1 Download

Displacement in Papua New Guinea (PNG) occurs largely as a result of tribal fights due to land, natural disasters and or the economic situation of families. With at least 40 incidences of emergencies and disasters having been recorded in PNG between 2013 and 2016, such incidences contributed to the displacement of at least 44,5001 individuals. The majority  of internally displaced persons (IDPs) were affected by cyclones (25,705) in Milne Bay (66%) and Oro (34%) provinces. Tribal conflicts were second on record on incidences that contributed to internal displacement affecting 9,280 individuals over the past three years. Other incidences that contributed to internal displacement are flooding, landslides, sea level rise, bush fire and land disputes.


DTM Papua New Guinea,