Pakistan — Floods 2012 TSSU Report (December 2012)

31 Dec 2012 Pakistan Download

A consistent trend to return to areas of origin is observed; however, 6,151 families remained displaced in Sindh and Balochistan, with inaccessible place of origin cited as the main impediment to return (82%), and majority of IDPs fearing they will remain displaced for at least 1 to 3 months. Overall people residing in Temporary Settlements (TS) remain in need for humanitarian assistance, particularly in certain districts where relief efforts have been limited: 77% of IDPs in Naseerabad live in makeshift shelters and the remaining families are using recycled tents from 2010. In Ghotki, 28% of IDPs do not have any type of shelter. TSSU findings indicate similar living conditions in temporary settlements and return areas with significant need for humanitarian assistance. 59% of people in assessed villages are residing in temporary shelters or with host families facing similar conditions similar to IDPs.


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