Northern Mozambique Crisis Flash Report 6 - Ancuabe and Chiure Displacement in Nampula (28 July 2022)

01 Aug 2022 Mozambique Download

Between 2-24 June, approximately 24,113 individual movements to Nampula Province were triggered by attacks/fear of attacks in Ancuabe and Chiure. Owing to the dynamic movements flows of these newly displaced families, the IOM DTM team, in coordination with the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGD), conducted further assessments to identify locations, profiles and priority needs of displaced families still present within Nampula Province. As of 18 July, an estimated 12,032 individuals (2,808 Households), are currently hosted across communities of Erati District (Namapa, Alua, Namiroa and Odinepa) and Memba District (Memba and Geba). This represents a total of 6,889 children, 2,908 Women and 2,233 Men.


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