Northern Mozambique Crisis– Population Count Update 1 (17 August 2021)

06 Sep 2021 Mozambique Download

Security incidents in northern Mozambique since 2017 have resulted in increasing population displacement across a­ffected districts. As of April 2021, an estimated 662,828 IDPs across host communities and sites have been recorded through baseline assessments in Cabo Delgado. Movements tracked through IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Emergency Tracking Tool record daily internal movements within and between districts. Recognizing continued pendular population movements between host communities and displacement sites and to support service providers for better programme plans, IOM DTM works in collaboration with CCCM cluster to conduct population count exercises in sites where the cluster is providing coordination and service monitoring. Exercises are coordinated through government focal points and local leadership working in temporary sites, relocation sites and host-community extensions.


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