Nigeria — North-central & North-west Flash Report 113 (31 August 2022)




DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Aug 22 2022
Aug 28 2022
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Event Tracking

On 23 August armed bandits reportedly attacked Soron Yamma community in Soron Yamma ward in Binji LGA of Sokoto state. This attack affected 315 individuals and led to the displacement of 314 individuals from Soron Yamma community to Behind Ubandoma House Gwaiwa Ekka community in Arkilla ward of Wamako LGA. In the attack, one fatality was reported and 2 individuals were injured.
On 28 August, windstorm was reported in the Kofar Yandaka community of Wakilin Arewa (B) ward . The windstorm affected 179 individuals and led to displacement of 178 individuals in Kofar Yandaka community to Bayan Government Day community in same ward. One fatality was reported and 3 individuals were injured.

Following these events, rapid assessments were conducted by DTM (Displacement Tracking Matrix) field staff to inform the humanitarian community and government partners to enable targeted response. Flash reports utilise direct observation and a broad network of key informants to gather representative data and collect information on the number, profile and immediate needs of affected populations.