Nigeria — Flow Monitoring Dashboard 56 (August 2022)




DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Aug 01 2022
Aug 31 2022
  • Flow Monitoring

In Nigeria, DTM conducts Flow Monitoring activities in several important transit locations in Sokoto and Kano to monitor the movements of passenger buses to and from Niger. The Sokoto FMPs covers three migratory routes in Illela, Gada and Sabon-Birnin. And the Kano FMPs (Kofar Ruwa Park and Yankaba Park) covers two migratory routes in Dala and Nasarawa Local Government Areas in Kano state. This report presents data collected on flows, routes, provenance, destination and demographic profiles of travellers observed at the FMPs in August 2022.

During the month of August 2022, a total of 30,430 migrants were observed at the various cross-border flow monitoring points (11,601 individuals entering Nigeria through the FMPs and 18,829 individuals leaving Nigeria through the FMPs). The average daily flow was 982, down by 10 per cent from the previous month. The decrease in daily flow could be attributed to increased rainfall, resulting to flooding and damage to farmlands. This has affected the number of movements due to seasonal farming. All observed travelers were conducting a cross-border movement (38% were entering the country, while 62% were leaving the country).