Nigeria — Stadium Camp Biometric Registration Update (20 April 2021)

21 Apr 2021 Nigeria Download
Following the completion of biometric registration update and verification at Stadium Camp in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council (MMC) in the northeastern state of Borno, 18,151 individuals (3,472 households) have been registered as per 14 April 2021. The average family size within this camp is 5 individuals. As demonstrated in the figure 2, 12 per cent of households contain 1-2 members, 29 per cent containing 3-4 members, 33 per cent containing 5-6 members, 17 per cent containing 7-8 members, 4 per cent containing 9 members and 5 per cent containing 10 and more members.
Between 29 March and 14 April 2021, 12,280 individuals (in 2,837 households), representing 68 per cent of the total registered population were re-verified. 5,871 individuals (in 635 households), representing 32 per cent of the total registered population were newly registered. The majority or 59 per cent of the newly registered individuals are from Kukawa LGA, 35 per cent are from Konduga LGA, 4 per cent from Bama LGA and the remaining 2 per cent from other LGAs within and outside Borno.
During the exercise, data on vulnerabilities was collected in order to understand the specific needs of the displaced populations and allow for targeted support. Out of the total population, 1,783 individuals (10%) are experiencing some of the major vulnerability concerns presented in figure 3 below.


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