Nigeria — Return Intention Survey 1 (April 2021)

29 Apr 2021 Nigeria Download
The Return Intention Survey (RIS) was conducted through a household questionnaire from 14 December 2020 to 31 March 2021 in 48 Local Government Areas (LGAs) hosting IDPs in the states Borno, Adamawa and Yobe (BAY States) in northeastern Nigeria.
A total of 6,747 IDP households responded to the questionnaire. Of these, 3,380 households (or 50%) were IDP households who were living in camp/camp-like settings, while 3,367 households (50%) were IDP households who were residing among host communities. The survey was conducted in 611 locations, situated in 189 wards across the region. Of the assessed locations, 344 were locations where IDPs were hosted among the local communities, while 267 were camps/camp-like settings. To match the ratio of displacement per state, sixty-six per cent of the assessed households were located in Borno State, 21 per cent were located in Adamawa State and 13 per cent were located in Yobe State. The respondents that participated in the survey were randomly selected from the displaced population living in the locations surveyed, with 40 per cent of the selected households being female headed households. Before participation, the voluntary nature and the objectives of the survey were clearly explained to the respondents.
To ensure the accuracy of the data collection, the survey of displaced households was conducted by trained IOM DTM enumerators and in close collaboration with the administrative authorities of the respective locations.


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