Nigeria — Flow Monitoring Dashboard 7 (1—30 September 2017)

01 Oct 2017 Nigeria Download

This dashboard provides an overview of mobility patterns occurring in Nigeria’s northern States of Kano and Sokoto in September 2017. Results show that the daily average number of individuals observed at the flow monitoring point (FMP) in Kano decreased by 5.6% compared to August. Some changes were observed in the gender distribution of migrants, with a slight increase in female travelers (31%) observed in September, representing a 4 per cent increase from the previous month. The number of female migrants observed at the FMP increased to 24%, while male migrants constituted 64% of the flows.

Results for the FMP in Sokoto show that the daily average number of individuals observed there increased by 12.6% compared to August. There were some changes in the gender distribution of migrants, with a slight increase in female travelers (24%) observed in September, representing a 1 per cent increase from the previous month.


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