Nigeria — Flow Monitoring Dashboard 42 (August 2020)




DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Aug 01 2020
Aug 31 2020
  • Flow Monitoring
This report presents Flow Monitoring Registry data collected in August 2020 it presents key data on flows, routes, provenance, destination and demographic profiles of travellers observed at the FMPs.
Mobility trends: Over the course of the reporting period, 1,220 individuals were observed at FMPs daily, on average. This represents a six per cent increase when compared to the previous month, during which 1,154 individuals had been observed daily. This trend may be explained by the rapid re-integration of individuals to the new normal since the lockdown/movement restriction were lifted by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Types of flows:  All observed travellers were conducting a transboundary movement (29% were entering the country, while 71% were leaving the country).

Departure/Origin and destination: During the month of August 2020, the main cities from which recorded individuals travelled from were Maradi (40%), Zinder (27%) and Tahoua (25%) in Niger. Travellers were primarily headed to Zinder (45%), Maradi (35%), Diffa (8%) and Tahoua (8%) in Niger. The main modes of transportation were car (55%), bus (40%%), motorbike (2%) and on foot (1%).

Traveller profiles: 66 per cent of travellers were adult men, while 19 per cent were adult women and 15 per cent were children.