Nigeria — 400 Housing Estate Gubio Biometric Registration Update (April 2019)




DTM Nigeria,
Period Covered
Jan 23 2019
Apr 25 2019
  • Biometric Registration
  • Verification for Registration

Following the completion of Biometric Registration at 400 Housing Estate Gubio Camp in Konduga Local Government Area (LGA) of the conflict-affected State of Borno, 4,944 households and 14,290 individuals were registered. This data is as of 25 April 2019. The average family size in this location is 3; with 51 per cent of the families comprising 1-2 members, 32 per cent comprising 3-4 members, 13 per cent comprising 5-6 members, 3 per cent comprising 7-8 members, and 1 per cent comprising 9 and more members.

Out of the total registered population, 6,109 individuals which represent 43 per cent were captured as new arrivals whose movements were due to attacks in some LGAs in Borno. Majority (69%) of the newly arrived individuals are from Kukawa LGA, with the remaining 31 per cent from Kala-Balge LGA.

Vulnerability data was collected to identify individuals who may require additional humanitarian assistance, 13 per cent of the registered individuals were categorized as afflicted by one or more vulnerabilities. Some of the vulnerabilities included visual impairment, physically disadvantaged, single parent headed households, serious medical conditions, etc.