Niger — Kollo Stability Index Report 1 (August 2022)




Niger Migration Data and Research Unit -
Period Covered
Aug 01 2022
Aug 31 2022
  • Survey
  • Displacement Solutions


The Tillaberi region in the Southwestern Niger has been facing growing insecurity since 2016 with an escalation of VEO (Violent Extremism Organization) attacks against soldiers, state officials and local leaders. Thousands of people from several departments in the region, were forced to move to flee the threats, ultimatums, and abuses of non-state armed groups (NSAG), to the towns.

The department of Kollo, which is one of the 13 departments of Tillaberi, has not yet reached dangerously high levels of VEO activity or recruitment, albeit it has experienced episodes of insecurity in some communes since 2021.  Conducting a stability survey at this stage is  an opportunity to implement preventive measures before a resurgence of VEO activities.

Therefore, the stability index in the department of Kollo will provide correct information not only to protect the lives and livelihoods of its citizens, but also to secure an essential economic route to the capital Niamey.

The Stability Index aims to determine the factors that influence the state of stability of a place, which can inform priority programmatic interventions along the humanitarian, peace, and development nexus, in order to build resilience and stability and prevent future forced displacements 

This report presents the results of the stability index assessments in Kollo, in the Tillaberi region.