Niger — Migration Trends To, From and Within Niger (2016—2019)

11 Nov 2020 Niger Download

This report provides an overview of migration flows in the Niger between 2016 and 2019, a period during which flows changed significantly. It explains how different events and developments have affected migration patterns in the country, and seeks to present a broad picture of migration from, to and within the Niger showing the complexity, multidimensionality, and dynamics of human mobility. The figures presented in this report are based on data collected through a variety of methodologies, including: Flow Monitoring, set up in February 2016 to better capture overland migration flows in the Niger; records from the Humanitarian Rescue Operations and Search and Rescue Operations which directly assist migrants in distress; official convoys returning Nigerien migrants from Algeria; registered foreign migrants at the six IOM transit centres; and migrants assisted with voluntary return to and from the Niger.


DTM Niger,