Niger — Flow Monitoring Report (September 2018)

07 Nov 2018 Niger Round 15 Download

This report is available in French and English. The information included in this document presents the data on migratory movements observed at the population flow monitoring point of Séguédine and Arlit active since February 2016 in the Agadez region.
It also presents information on the three new population flow monitoring points piloted in the localities of Magaria, Dan Barto and Tahoua active since August 2018 and that of the recent Dan Issa population flow monitoring point, activated in September 2018.

The report:
•           Provides an overview of migratory movements observed at the six active flow monitoring points of the Niger
•           Shows migration trends
•           Provides the demographic profile of outgoing and incoming migrants at population flow monitoring points
•           Provides a detailed profile of migrants and vulnerabilities

During the month of September 2018, a daily average of 1,193 people was observed, including 10% of minors. A total of 725 elderly people, 107 people living with physical or mental disabilities and 374 pregnant women were observed.


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