Niger — Flow Monitoring Report (October 2018)

01 Dec 2018 Niger Round 16 Download

Results show that the daily average number of individuals observed in October at the FMPs in Niger decreased by two per cent as compared to September. In October, Niger, Libya and Nigeria, Niger, were the main countries of destination and departure of individuals passing through the different FMPs. In addition, the main types of flows identified were: economic migration of more than six months (32% of all flows); short term local movement (27% of all flows); seasonal migration (26% of all flows) and tourism (4% of all flows).

Four main modes of transport were identified: travel by car (76% of all flows), bus (20% of all flows), truck (2% of all flows), motorbike (1% of all flows) and other means of transport which include three-wheel or travel by foot (1% of all flows). Nigerian, Nigerien, and Chadian nationals were the main nationalities observed this month.


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