Niger — Flow Monitoring Report (November 2018)

27 Dec 2018 Niger Round 17 Download

In northern Niger, two flow monitoring points have been activated since February 2016 in the city of Séguédine and Arlit, followed by the activation of new flow monitoring points in Dan Barto, Magaria and Tahoua in August 2018 and the point in Dan Issa in September 2018.

This report presents the data collected through the 6 flow monitoring points for the month of November 2018.
During this period, an average of 1,755 individuals per day was observed, which represent an increase of 52% compared to the previous month. 76% of identified migrants were adult men, while 14% were women and 10% were minors. Nigerien nationals represented the vast majority of the individuals (71%) observed at the six FMPs followed by Nigerians (18%) and Chadians (3%).
The main reasons for migration were long-term economic migration (34.7%), seasonal migration (33.7%), short-term local movements (29.1%) and tourism (2%).


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