Niger — Flow Monitoring Report (February 2020)

01 Apr 2020 Niger Round 32 Download

DTM Niger monitors migration flows at seven key transit points around the country: Arlit, Séguédine/Madama, Magaria, Dan Barto, Dan Issa and Tahoua. In February 2020, 2, 284 individuals were on average observed crossing FMPs daily. This represents a 8 per cent increase when compared to the previous month. The majority of travelers (65%) were men, while 23 per cent were women and 12 per cent were children. Niger and Nigeria were both the main countries of provenance (81% and 12%) and of destination (78% and 8%) of travellers. Nationals from Niger and Nigeria accounted for 92 per cent of all the migrants recorded at the FMPs. Economic migration, including but not limited to long-term migration of more than six months and seasonal migration (38% of flows each) and short-term movements (23%) were the primary types of movements observed.


DTM Niger,