Niger — Flow Monitoring Report (August 2018)

24 Sep 2018 Niger Round 14 English Download

This report is available in French and English. The information included in this document presents the data on migration movements observed at the two flow monitoring points in Séguédine and Arlit that have been active since February 2016 and three new flow monitoring points that are being piloted in Magaria, Dan Barto and Tahoua, as of August 2018.

The report contains information on:

  • Migration movements observed at the five flow monitoring points
  • Migration trends
  • Demographic profile of migrants coming and going from the flow monitoring points

During the month of August 2018, on average, 624 daily movements (including entry and exit flows) were observed, with 8% of individuals being minors, and 79% male adults.  In total, 195 elderly persons were observed as well as 224 pregnant women. Main nationalities observed included Nigerien (78%), Nigerian (10%) and Libyen (2%) individuals. 


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