Niger – Flow Monitoring Survey Report (April 2018)

24 May 2018 Niger Download

The Flow Monitoring Survey is an individual survey that collects detailed information on the risks, vulnerabilities, socioeconomic profile, trip, intentions, and needs of individuals transiting through a FMP. The data are collected by means of a standard questionnaire and are completed on paper or electronically, on mobile. Individuals surveyed  in Niger are motivated by economic, cultural, climatic factors, or hope for best living conditions. Others are also motivated by insecurity in some of the neighbouring areas of Séguédine near the Libyan border. Migrants passing through the Central Mediterranean Route (CMR) are predominantly adult men in the 18 to 59 age group. Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR) found 91% of men, 4% of women, 3% of boys and 2% of girls in March 2018, while in the survey of the 1,506 people surveyed, 1,346 men account for 89% of whom 2% are boys compared to only 160 for women (11% of whom 1% are girls). Finally, as a comparison, the trends and demographics observed during the Flow Monitoring Survey (FMS) are reflected in the Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR). 


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