Mali — Displacement report (October 2014)

31 Oct 2014 Mali Download

16.687 households (86.026 IDPs) registered and identified in all regions in Mali. 54.987 IDPs in the south and 31.039 IDPs in the northern regions. IDPs’ movements toward the northern regions have decreased significantly since the beginning of the year and especially since April 2014. A survey conducted on IDPs in the south and in the north revealed that 69% of displaced households want to go back to their place of origin, while 28% would like to settle in the place of displacement. A survey conducted on IDPs’ primary needs, show that 52% of displaced households expressed needs in terms of food, 17% in terms of shelter, 12% for NFIs. 371.144 returnees identified in Gao, Timbuktu, Mopti and Kidal.