Mali — Displacement report (December 2014)

31 Dec 2014 Mali Download

61.621 internally displaced people (12.633 households) recorded and identified by the DTM program in all regions of Mali. 32.038 IDPs in southern and 29.583 IDPs in the northern regions. IDPs’ movements toward the northern regions continue, and a slight upward trend is observed since the beginning of November. A survey conducted on IDPs in the north and south reveals that 56% of surveyed households want to return to their places of origin, while 43% would like to settle in their place of displacement. A survey conducted on IDPs’ primary needs, show that 51% of households have food needs, 12% of the shelter needs and 6% of needs in terms of non-food article. 394.655 returnees identified in Gao, Timbuktu, Mopti and Kidal.