Malawi – Flow Monitoring Dashboard (16 November-12 December 2020)

23 Feb 2021 Malawi English Download
This Dashboard provides an analysis of the trends in population mobility observed at Seventeen (17) active Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) established at unofficial border crossings. Flow Monitoring (FM) between Malawi and Mozambique was conducted at the following 12 FMPs; Kapalamula, Katsakaminga, Mpala, Daniel 1, Mzikiti, Tsangano Boma, Fatch, Segulani, Mulangeni, Sembezera, Tsangani Turnoff and Madani. FM between Malawi and Tanzania was conducted at the following 5 FMPs; Kambwe, Kangindwa, Timoti, Mwendelima and Januale. Over the reporting period, a total of 22,327 movements were observed at these points. About 56 per cent of all movements were incoming and 44 per cent were outgoing.


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Flow Monitoring