Libya — Nigerien Migrant Workers in Libya : General Overview and Opportunities for the Future




DTM Libya,
Snapshot Date
Feb 27 2023
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This background paper on Nigerien Migrant Workers in Libya aims to provide an overview of the situation and opportunities for this population. It was produced with the aim of guiding the operationalisation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on labour migration signed by both states in 2021. The document was initiated by Labour Mobility and Social Inclusion (LMI) unit, using DTM data sources, including IOM’s Flow Monitoring Survey (FMS) as well as qualitative interviews with Nigerien migrant workers collected in June 2022. The report provides significant insights into Nigerien migrant workers conditions, including their mode of entry in Libya; employment status; access to documentation; ability to send remittances and mobility intentions. 

The paper emphasizes that Nigerien migrants play a vital role in Libyan economy, providing a much-needed skilled workforce. As such, the operationalisation and creation of regular pathways between Niger and Libya is paramount to ensure the protection of Nigerien Migrant workers in Libya.