Libya — Impact of Storm Daniel: An Update on Displacement and Needs (November 2023)




DTM Libya,
Snapshot Date
Oct 31 2023
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment

This publication presents DTM Libya’s analysis of the displacement situation in north eastern and west Libya following the impacts of Storm Daniel which made landfall in September 2023. The analysis utilizes DTM data collected in October 2023, and estimates that 44,862 persons (8,907 households) have been displaced due to the floods. The majority of IDPs (41,720 IDPs or 93%) are currently located in 18 municipalities across north eastern Libya and the remaining 3,142 IDPs (7%) are in the west. In addition, DTM estimates that 1,715 migrants have also been displaced as a result of the flooding, most of whom (1,690 migrants or 99%) are located in municipalities in north eastern Libya.

Derna municipality hosts the highest number of IDPs, with 23,500 displaced as a result of the floods caused by Storm Daniel. A separate dashboard showing findings on IDP locations and needs for Derna municipality can be accessed here: Libya — Impact of Storm Daniel: Displacement and Needs Update: Derna Municipality.