Libya —Tripoli Rapid Migrant Assessment (04 July 2019)




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Jul 04 2019
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Since the onset of armed conflict in the southern areas of Tripoli on 04 April 2019, a significant number of people have been affected by the conflict. As per the most recent flash update published by IOM Libya’s Displacement Tracking Matrix, at least 20,975 families (approximately 104,875 individuals) were identified as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Furthermore, the conflict has also affected migrants and refugees held in the detention centers as well as those in urban locations.

As of 28 June, around 3,819 migrants were held in DCIM detention centers located near conflict-affected areas and are among the most vulnerable populations at risk. On 02 July, an airstrike hit Tajoura Detention Center; according to initial information from health sector partners and UNOCHA, the incident led to the death of at least 53 migrants and injuries of more than 130 migrants. Furthermore, the large population of migrants present outside detention centers (urban migrants) also constitutes a particularly vulnerable group and their protection remains a concern.