Libya — Tripoli Flash Update 6 (21 September 2018)

21 Sep 2018 Libya English Download

Following renewed intensification of clashes between armed groups in Tripoli, at least 1,220 families (approximately 6,100 individuals) have been displaced over the past 48 hours from conflicted affected areas in Southern Tripoli, bringing the total of displacements since the onset of hostilities on 26 August to at least 5,065 families (~25,325 individuals).

Most displaced families are staying with family in private accommodation, however approximately 160 families temporarily gathered in schools and collective shelters in the Tripoli area. In light of the current situation an additional three schools have been prepared to receive IDPs in Tajoura.

The majority of displaced households originate from conflict-affected areas in Southern Tripoli. More details on displacement locations and areas of origin can be found on the second page of this report. DTM continues to monitor the situation.


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