Libya — Tawergha Return Weekly Update 3 (3 March 2018)

03 Mar 2018 Libya Download

IDPs continue to wait in order to return to their community of origin as their number increases. Currently, more than 2,200 individuals are reported to be in Qararat Al-Katf and Harawa informal settlements. While a considerable number of families are reported to be in Qararat Al-Katf, only 18 families have beeen observed in Harawa. The current population of Harawa consists of mostly unaccompanied male adults, which accounts for the discrepancy between the number of families and the high number of individuals. The situation and the needs of Tawergha community members remain stable. Damaged tents in Qararat Al-Katf were replaced through humanitarian assistance, however, some families have no shelter provisions due to the limited number of tents available in the settlements.


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