Libya — Sabratha Flash Update (12 October 2017)

13 Oct 2017 Libya Download

Since 17th of September, Sabratha has witnessed clashes between armed groups leading to the initial displacement of 3,100 households (15,135 individuals) and up to 4,000 migrants. To date the 2,350 households (11,350 individuals) remain displaced across the Mantikas of Zwara and Azzawaya. The population of Sabratha is reported at 80,472* with those most affected by the recent conflict residing in the city center in the Assuk, Al wadi, Dahman al sharkiyah muhalla. Up to 3,100 households (15,135 individuals) were reported as having been initially displaced with latest number being recorded at 2,350 households (11,350 individuals).


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